What are Virtual Cards?

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Virtual Cards

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are an alternative to the regular cards we use every day, or we can call them e-cards, available in digital wallets or any mobile banking application.

In Cambodia, we have almost every bank that has a mobile App for their customers to pay and receive money, and this is a good example for a virtual card.

Example: You open an account with ABA. After registering, you may receive a hard card (if you wish) to deposit, withdraw and purchase items at the store or online. In addition, ABA also has mobile App that allow customers to access by entering their account in the mobile app (App).

Therefore, the card information in the mobile App is called a virtual card or electronic card. This virtual card is the same as the hard card you use, just one used for mobile applications, the other has a form that can be used externally and offline.

Why should you use Virtual Cards?

The simplest and most necessary reason are:

  • More safety than using Card.

  • It’s convenience, you just have a mobile phone to avoid forgetting

  • It’s easy to manage in case of card loss or theft, you can access and block immediately.

  • Can determine the number of expenses, number of times, etc.

  • Can be used remotely

How to be safely by using this virtual card ?

  1. Use another virtual card different from your savings account card

  2. Do not put too much money in this card

  3. Limit the amount of expenses per day

  4. Block after receiving any irregular expenses message

How to create your own virtual card with (e.g. ABA mobile app)

Watch the short video below!