What is Remarketing in Digital Marketing?

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Remarketing sometimes called Retargeting, is a word that some marketers have divided into roles and some consider to be synonymous.

** Here I consider it in the same group!

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing refers to online advertising to a target group of customers who are already familiar with the company’s brand or have already taken action on a business, such as clicking Interested, clicking Like your page.

If you still do not understand this meaning! Here is a simple example that I believe you have all encountered:

Have you ever wondered that when you go to a product website or check a page after you come back, you will see ads or advertisement for that product on your social media immediately?

This is called Remarketing!

Why is it important?

Remarketing is really important in digital marketing! It’s a highly effective strategy that is indispensable in reaching out to target customers.

Remarketing is important as:

  • Increase ROI Return on investment)

  • A good way for businesses with a limited budget to advertise.

  • Reach to target customers

  • build the brand

  • Introduce new products or services, etc.

Remarketing comes in many ways, depending on the marketing planner or strategist. Here’s one way to do Remarketing that business owners do not need a website is Facebook Retargeting Campaign that means we do Remarketing on Facebook only using Ads Manager!

Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

  1. Go to your page and go to Ads Manager

  2. Click «+ Create»

3. You create an ad as usual, but when selecting the type of customer (Audience), select Create New Audience and click Create New

4. Select Custom Audience

5. Choose the type of source you want to create a customer from it (Custom Audience Source). In this example, we chose the Facebook Page because we do not have a website.

Now is the time to choose which Facebook page (in case you have multiple pages) to create a Custom Audience and which ways you want this post reach to people who know your page already? Choose one of the following:

7. If you have more pages, you can also add pages.

8. After selecting and setting, click “Create Audience“. You have created it successfully and to complete this customer setting, click “Done”

9. Click Next and select the post you want to boost.

10. Then Public ad (your ad) is ready.

This is just a way to do Remarketing! You might choose differently depending on the Objective and the type of source you want to remark on (Custom Audience Source)!

If you have already done, please share below !!!