The difference between Marketplace vs Facebook Shops

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Marketplace is a place on Facebook where we can access to see the products to buy or sell. It has a custom tab on the Facebook page with a icon like shop at the top (for PCs) or at the bottom (for mobile phones).

On Marketplace, we can list items for sale that no need for a Facebook page or Shop, and the good thing including how to place a product on the Marketplace, you can be found in “Marketplace, a new place where you can place products Without a Facebook Page »or watch this video

Shops is the way as well as a place where we can put products for sale on Facebook. Facebook Shops allow customers to view products and make purchases on the same page without having to go to another website or link to other external websites, and this is a big advantage of Facebook Shops.

How to create Facebook Shops You can find here “How to create a SHOP on Facebook in Commerce Manager! »Or watch this video

How is Marketplace and Shops Different?



The differences between Marketplace and Shops:

  • Marketplace allows you to sell the products from your personal account, while Shops allows you to sell products from your business account (page) in the name of a company or institution not affiliated with your personal account.

  • Marketplace sells only locally and is not boostable, while Shops are globally available and boostable.

  • Marketplace allows you to contact the owner or seller directly, and Shops the customer contact with page’s Admin or someone on behalf of the business owner or company.

  • Marketplace have different product owner and mix of the products like Orussey Market while Shops is a place that show the products from a page or a company like a cloth store.

Which should you choose?

Through the above, we see that Marketplace is suitable for those who want to sell from a personal account, have fewer products or just sell for a short time, do not want to create a brand or store name.

Shops are a great way for any business owner or seller because it helps you to build a brand boot and get more customers. In particular, Shops gives customers confidence and allows us to track as well as extract data from our customers to analyze the data to further strengthen the business.

About selection, Both Marketplace and Shops are free, so there is nothing to lose! Why don’t we take both? How do you think?