Press Release: iDE Cambodia integrates SHE Investments into its operations— 30 January 2024

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The two organizations share a mission and vision to deliver programs focused on  increasing support for women entrepreneurs as multipliers of positive impact.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (January 30, 2024) – iDE, a global nonprofit, and SHE Investments  today announced they have joined forces, combining SHE’s expertise in training and coaching  women entrepreneurs with iDE’s extensive footprint across rural Cambodia and successful track  record in inclusive market development. 

As of January 1, 2024, the SHE team was integrated as a program within iDE Cambodia and will  continue its important work, designing and delivering gender-focused, culturally-tailored business  incubator and accelerator programs for women. 

iDE Cambodia’s country director Kevin Robbins said the integration of SHE into iDE was a natural  fit as the two organizations shared a mission and vision to deliver programs focused on scaling  support for women entrepreneurs as multipliers of positive impact for their families and  communities. 

“We are delighted to welcome SHE within the iDE umbrella. SHE has a strong and well-deserved  reputation for delivering high-impact incubator and accelerator programs, along with other support  services for entrepreneurs, that support Cambodian businesswomen to be financially successful  and prosper on their own terms,” said Robbins. 

Robbins said women-led businesses played an essential role in creating jobs, raising standards  of living, and boosting inclusive growth. However, women face a wide range of challenges,  including access to right-fit and affordable finance, technology, and support services. 

“By focusing on women entrepreneurs, iDE and SHE can empower whole communities, boosting  prosperity and wellbeing. Evidence shows, for example, that women are more likely to invest their  earnings in their children’s health and education.” 

SHE co-founder, Celia Boyd, said she was thrilled to know SHE’s work will continue to grow and  impact many more women, families and communities in partnership with iDE. 

“We are endlessly proud and grateful for the many people and partners who have been a part of  SHE’s journey, and the incredible women across Cambodia who we have been lucky enough to  work with on their own business journeys,” said Boyd.

“The past decade has led to an impactful methodology that truly puts women entrepreneurs at  the center of all we do, and we cannot think of a better partner to scale this impact further than  iDE.” 

Under the new arrangement, SHE has transitioned to be based in iDE’s Phnom Penh and Siem  Reap offices, and SHE’s current branding will change to include the tagline “powered by iDE”. 

As always, iDE welcomes your questions and comments. You can reach us at  partnership@ideglobal.org 


For more information, please contact: 

Ms. Tet Chann, Communications Specialist, iDE Cambodia 

Email: tchann@ideglobal.org 

Tell: 011 276 775

Notes to editor 

About iDE 

iDE (International Development Enterprises) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending  poverty. We work in sectors including agriculture, sanitation, climate change resilience, and  gender equality. iDE believes in powering small-scale entrepreneurs and building robust market  ecosystems that lay the groundwork for low income and marginalized people to prosper on their  own terms. iDE has about 1,300 global staff – including those in Cambodia – across 10 countries  in Africa, Asia and Central America. 

Click here to learn more about iDE

About SHE 

SHE was formerly a social enterprise in Cambodia. As of January 2024, SHE is operating as a gender-smart entrepreneurship support program within iDE, delivering and scaling up programs that focus on increasing support for women entrepreneurs and family-run businesses in Cambodia.

Click here to learn more about SHE.


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