How to set up Facebook Shops on Facebook Page in Commerce Manager

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What is Facebook Shops?

Shops are a way as well as a place where we can put products for sale on Facebook. Facebook Shops allow customers to view products and purchases on the same page without having to go to another website or link to other external websites, and this is a big advantage of Facebook Shops.

What can you do on Facebook Shops?

Here you can in Facebook shops:

  • Put, sell and manage products on both page and Instagram in one place (but it has conditions)

  • Able to post pictures and descriptions of products to get the customers

  • Create collections for different products

  • Can be easily sold on the Marketplace and sold under the name of business page, not personal account

  • Boostable to reach new customers and fast

And there are many more advantages especially no need to have a product website. Because it represent as a website to store your products as an easy e-commerce!

How to create Facebook shops

To create a Facebook Shops, you should follow these 7 easy steps:

** Please note: The creation of Facebook Shops can only be done on a computer !!!

1.Log in to your Facebook page and click on the word “Shop” below the page or click here

  1. Then click “Go to Commerce Manager

2. Then click “ Next

3. At this point, you should click on the last point, which means that when charging via chat or Inbox to page directly. We chose this method because in Cambodia, Facebook does not allow you to charge through Shop Pay or connect to the bank. So the way to chat with customers is what we need! Then click on “Next

4. Here, if you have a single page, it comes out for you to see only one, not many like below and then you click on the page you want to create a Shop.

But if you have a lot of page like the picture below, please select the right page (the page you want to create a Shop) and if you do not see the page name you want, you click on See All Accounts and select the pack which you want to create a shop.

Then click “Next

5. បញ្ចូល អ៊ីម៉ែលរបស់អ្នក រួច Submit

6. Now create Catalog’s name of your product! Then click “Next”

To create a Catalog of this product, you can name the product itself and I suggest that you should create only a Catalog. If you have more than one product, you can create different types of collections that are easier to manage later.

7. Choose location by selecting Cambodia and click “Next”

The end of the process is to review the work you have done step by step above! If there is a mistake or something you want to correct, you can go back and fix it. But if you think it is all right, you click the the box like the picture and click “Finished Setup”.

Congratulations, now you have successfully created the Shops !!!

The next step is to put your product into this shop and manage it well!