7 Popular Types of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is popular for these last two years. There are many businesses also spend a lot of budget and time to learn or hire the expertise for do it.

If you don’t know yet what is digital Don’t worry! Read this article what is Digital Marketing to know what the principle of digital marketing. After that we’re going to talk about types of marketing digital which is popular in Cambodia.

Here are the 7 types of marketing digital which is popular in Cambodia that you should try it out!!

1.Content Marketing

Content marketing use for telling the story or information to promoting the brands or the products to the customers. It’s kind of a post, status or other information like blogs, videos that showing of how to do somethings.

It works well with any types of marketing digital like SEO, social media marketing and Email Marketing.

Content Marketing is also a strategy that take time to see the result. It’s not like PPC below. It requires space to store the contents (like articles, videos, podcasts, etc.). It’s convenience for audiences visit to see or read that sources and this is also a way that your customer remember your brand and buy your products or services when they need.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the place for the digital marketing. It can help you to promote a lots such as boost your product which is the way to get new customer and fast. It’s also help you to create the new business account in the media then you can post to promote and sale your products.

In Cambodia, the social media that have largest user is Facebook that around 8.8 millions are using it (the data in 2019). Social Media is not only for post, comments, message. To get the the result, It needs work-hard to do new strategic, clear goals and know how to work as team.

To work effectively in Social Media Marketing, you should learn and understand other digital tools like auto setup or schedule the date for post or boost etc. More importantly, you should know how to analytics and tracking the data which help you for strategy for your business.

3. Sponsored Contents

Sponsored content is the way you pay another company or media organization to promote (as the contents) for your brand or your products. This kind of marketing, we see often in Cambodia. Also hiring the influence to promote is most popular and this is a part of sponsored contents as well.

If you ever see famous people in social media, they create the video but in purpose to promote the product that is the sponsored contents. Another example of sponsored contents we can see that there are many pages in media, they wrote about story telling and connect to another services, products or some brands.

4. Email marketing

There is not much for small business that use Email but some kind of business they need to Email with their customers. The Email Marketing is a kind of digital marketing. It is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.

Email Marketing is also a channel which keep your relationship with your customers as well.

5. Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing is the way to promote your products to your target customer through the mobile phone. It reaches the customer by SMS, Social media, website, Email or other mobile app.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of optimizing your website for the highest “ranking” when it comes to keywords related to your business. The Marketers usually research words and phrases that customers use when they search for something on the Internet, and the marketers use those words and phrases in their content.

7. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

PPC is the way you pay when someone is clicking on your ads. The Popular Pay-per-Click (PPC) is Google Ads, which allows you to promote your website to the top of the page, and Google will charge the cost from you when people click on it.

Other places where we use Pay-per-Click (PPC) is boosting on Facebook. Facebook will charge the cost depends on the target your customer you want to boost. If you choose message boost, Facebook will charge when someone clicks on that message. All of these have known as Pay-per-Click (PPC).