7 Strategies to create Content Marketing

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Contentmarketing Strategy

Digital marketing by using content marketing is an effective method of digital marketing! In addition, the right strategy is more important to promote your online marketing effectively! But what is Content Marketing?

Apart from content marketing, there are any ways that we can do this digital marketing? (Types of digital marketing)

If you decide to choose content marketing as digital marketing, Here are the 7 strategies to create content marketing.

1.Define your target audience


In fact, we have talked about it many times, and knowing the target customers is the most important point in a business, whether in creating a product or service, pricing and more. It is also used to develop digital marketing strategies using content marketing.

You need to ask yourself, “Who are the people you creating this content for? How big is the size of your target customer? ”

Your target audience can have more than one category, so you can create multiple types of content to advertise to them.

2. Type of contents you need

There are many types of content that we can do like articles, blogs, pictures, live, video or E-books. What kind contents should your business use? What problems will you try to solve for your customers through this content posting?

Also, you should consider in advance how much money you will spend to boost(Content)? In what form? And If you hired other company to do, how much will it cost?

3. Set Goals

A clear planning of content marketing is really important. Business owner should define the purpose, what they want from this contents marketing like promote the branding, get the inbox or engagements!

Mostly business owner just want get sale or get order! But we should consider of build branding for sustainable of the business!

4. Start to write all the topic

The next step is to write down all the topics which is pop up in your mind to a worksheet or an Excel (where you manage the contents). At this point you can write down the contents that you have done before and analyze it which topics are the most popular and which one is not. More, you should record the other resources or information for create the contents as well.

5.Select related topics

Now it’s time for you to review those topics and start selecting only those topics that are relevant to your business, the information that you promise to provide to your customers or represent a brand, product or service. Then start by clearly defining the type of message you are going to publish, determine the style that always think of the brand!

6. Manage the contents

Now you can have many different types of content! Where will you store all those contents ? You may have a Facebook page or a website or YouTube (YouTube), how do you set up a calendar for posting those contents? When should you post it?

7. Post on social media

Which channels will you post? If you are just starting, focusing on one channel is good! For example, you can start from a Facebook page. (Creating and managing Facebook Page)

Many business owners want to work on multiple channels at the same time, but please note that posting content can look easy, but in fact it takes a lot of effort and patience!

For convenience, you need to schedule and some automatic messaging!

You need to make sure that the content that post is available to the target audience, speciallythe type of content is right content for target audiences and right time. (the right time for post)

The last point is patient, Try because it takes time !!!