The Project

The Project

A SHE Investments project, supported by the Women MSME FinTech Innovation Fund.

MSMEs in Cambodia


The largest contributing factor for emerging economies is the scaling of micro businesses into small businesses. SMEs are critical for promoting inclusive economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries. There is huge, untapped potential in the informal, unregistered micro economy.

One of the major barriers to the growth and scaling of micro business in Cambodia is access to finance.


Access to finance


The major barriers for Cambodian micro businesses accessing finance include an absence of financial statements, lack of available financial information on borrowers and asymmetric information between micro businesses and financial institutions.


Lack of tools


Maintaining bookkeeping records and separating business finances from personal is crucial for micro-entrepreneurs in accessing sustainable finance to grow and scale their businesses.

With low levels of education and financial literacy, no tools currently exist to support the bookkeeping needs of Cambodian micro entrepreneurs.


“The women we work with are always complaining about not having the tools they need.

There are lots of technology tools for business people. For educated people. For English-speaking people. 

But not for them.”

— Lida Loem, SHE Co-Founder

Our Vision


Our Partners


Women MSME FinTech Innovation Fund

This innovation is supported by the Women MSME FinTech Innovation Fund, Implemented by The United Nations Capital Development Func (UNCDF) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in partnership with the Australian Government (DFAT), the Dutch development Bank (FMO), and Visa Inc, with the financial support from the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.