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At SHE Investments, we build structures of support. This enables women to lead as role models and change agents in business.

We provide products, tools and more so women micro-small entrepreneurs can scale up, and create long-term social, environmental and economic impact for people and communities.

Kotra Riel Bookkeeping App
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Maintaining bookkeeping records and separating business finances from personal is crucial for micro-entrepreneurs in accessing sustainable finance to grow and scale their businesses.

An easy to use, simple bookkeeping app designed specifically for micro and small businesses. Available in both English and Khmer.

Learning Management System
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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a framework to learn more about business. The SHE LMS is your one-stop spot to learn about business in a Cambodian context.

With some of the best and brightest voices in entrepreneurship, you’ll be able to accelerate your learning simply by using SHE Investment’s Learning Management System.

Entrepreneur handbook (Khmer, English, Myanmar)
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 Concepts, exercises, and tools to help you: from business vision through to improving products or services. Learn cash flow, manage finances, lead yourself (and a small team), and write a small, practical two-page business plan.

Digital Resource Center (DRC)
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SHE Has pooled together a range of digital resources, including; COVID 19 crisis resources, online videos, downloadable templates, and The Entrepreneurs Handbook.

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Financial Toolkit


Helping women entrepreneurs find the right type of business resources or financing to grow.

Financial Toolkit

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