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SHE Investments members benefit from events and webinars, mentoring and coaching programs, all curated by a carefully selected advisory committee.

SHE’s Membership Program Values:

Be a member.


Be a role model.

Learn and share.

Be encouraging.

Join a safe space.

SHE’s Membership Program Benefits:


Become a confident and effective entrepreneur


Affordable and Accessible Opportunities


Networking events, webinars, mentoring and coaching


Build knowledge, confidence, and decision-making power within both family and business

Who Can Join the SHE Members Loop?

General Young Women Entrepreneurs (YWEs), graduates and current members all can join.

Together, we make environmental, economic, and social impact, inspiring each other and building a sustainable YWE community for the future of women in business.

SHE Membership Advisory Committee

Expertise & Advice

Support decision-making about key network activities and provide advice on the development of policies and procedures related to programs of SHE investments.


A voice for YWEs in decision-making relating to SHE’s membership activities such as events, mentoring, coaching, and other membership opportunities.

SHE Membership Coaching & Mentoring

Samnang SHE Investments

ACC & ICF Accredited Coaching

10 Cambodian women were sponsored by SHE to earn the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) qualification. SHE coaches are International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited, and offer the best business coaching for SHE Member YWEs.

business coaching

TAILORED Mentoring

  • 1-on-1: Be matched with mentors based on your needs and the mentor’s expertise and language    
  • Group: Members can ask for group mentoring from SHE

Meet Your Member Coaches

How to Join:


Get ID


Access membership activities

Renew Annually

Members Events:

Events are held bi-monthly in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Kampong Chnam and Kampot.


Learn from experienced, successful speakers


Share concerns in a friendly space


Collaborate to find new solutions


Listen, share & solve problems

Members Events:

Our members enjoy a well-structured event which helps everyone to grow and connect more deeply:


1. Registration

2. Fun Activities

3. Program Introduction


4. Question & Answer

Q&A Moderator Session with Speaker


4. Feedback

Feedback and YWEs Issues Collection 

6. Photo Session

7. Networking


8. Closing Remarks


Make sure to fill in the membership details specific to your area.

As a SHE member, I have changed my personal mindset to become a confident woman entrepreneur who is open to learning something new via networking, mentoring, and extending business knowledge. Thanks to PACT and USAID, which support SHE to help me and other women entrepreneurs with personal and business growth.

Ms. Houn Phally

Co-Founder, Khmer Corp

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh membership form here
Contact Chanty for more details or any concerns or Tel +855 12 635 573

Siem Reap
Siem Reap membership form here.
Contact Panha for more details
or any concerns. Or Tel: +855 17 522 575

Battambang membership form here

Contact Sreyrath for more details or any concerns or Tel: +855 93 597 052/ +855 77 915 938

Kampong Cham
Kampong Chnam membership form: here

Contact Vichhka for more details or any concerns or Tel: +855 12 729 553/+855 96 752 5585

Kampot membership form here

Contact Channy for more details or any concerns or tel +855 87 240 350/+855 97 665 3763

Upcoming Events:

SHE’s Covid-19 Response

SHE’s Covid-19 Response

SHE programs are responsive to COVID; we’ve transitioned much of our work to improving online delivery, and as we move back to in-person programs, our curriculum has adapted to ensure women have access to the support they need.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to use and build your skills in project coordination?  Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses to grow and become ready for investment?  If this sounds like you, then you might be our newest...

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