Entrepreneur of the Month

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Our entrepreneur of the month: JULY

Kheav Thida, Co-Owner and Manager of Solar Green Energy Co., Ltd.

Alumni of SHE’s Accelerator, 2016

Kheav Thida co-owns the Solar Green Energy Co., Ltd. along with her husband. She has been managing the business for over 12 years and has increased her business and her revenue over the years. She joined SHE’s Accelerator Program in 2016 to learn how to better manage her business and gain new skills to improve and expand her business. 


How did you hear about SHE? 

I heard about SHE at a networking event. One of the people I met at the event told me about several training programs that I could join. After a little bit of research I choose SHE Accelerator as I thought it was the most interesting. 


Why did you decide to join? 

I decided to join SHE Accelerator, because I wanted to learn how to develop the vision and value of my company. I also wanted to gain personal development skills to improve my business. 


What are some of the changes in your business since you graduated from SHE’s program? 

Since graduating from SHE’s program, I have increased my sales, bought new land where I moved my business. I also learned how to delegate tasks to my team, follow-up with them, and manage my time better. Developing my supervisory skills has made my team more efficient. 


Tell us about a challenge that you faced and how you overcame that challenge? 

The place where I conducted my business was very small and it was far away form my home so it was hard to manage on a daily basis. I wanted to increase my products, increase my staff and my revenue, but I lacked capital to expand my business. In 2016, I decided to make a plan and solve this problem. With the help from my husband and advice from friends who owned businesses, I was able to buy new land and move my business to the new location. Now, it is easier for me to manage the company because the administration office and warehouse are close to each other. And my costs have gone down because I no longer have to pay rent as I own the land. However the business is still in progress and I need to work harder to reach my goals. 


What is your future plan for your business? 

I am currently actively searching for investors to expand my business, further increase my sales, and create more employment for Cambodians. I also want to provide more solar energy powered lights to Cambodians as it is more sustainable and helps with environmental efforts of reducing CO2 emission. 


What would be your advise to women who want to start their own businesses? 

If you want to start your business, my advise would be to discuss your idea with your husband and family members, because the support of your family is very important when it comes to running and growing your business. I also would advise to avoid doing harm to people just to make money. Be more socially conscious and actually solve a problem in the community and make people’s lives easier. On a practical note, join a training program because there are constantly new things to learn that could improve your business. 


In three words, what did the program bring you? 

Confidence, support, and happiness


Would you recommend SHE’s program to others?

Sure, I would recommend women to join the program. 


Thank you Thida for sharing your story with us today. We are proud to support women like you to scale their business and create a positive impact in their community.