5 reasons why you should join the #50WomenProject

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The 50 Women Project will provide 50 scholarships for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia to participate in the SHE business programs.

Those women will be supported through training, mentoring and access to financing to help them scale their businesses and create deep impact for their communities.

To support this project we are looking for entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and women (or men) passionate about supporting other women.


Here are the 5 reasons why you should join the 50 Women Project:


1. Support very motivated Cambodian women entrepreneurs!

Sreymao, one of our SHE graduate and entrepreneur explains, “Women in Cambodia are not valued in business because they are expected to only have a micro-business. No one supports women or give them ideas to start business. In my opinion, if you give an opportunity to a woman, I think they can succeed in business. I really want to change the concept in Cambodia that women cannot be successful. I want to challenge myself to always improve. Since studying at SHE, I have double my income per day.”


2. Let Cambodian women know that another woman (or man) somewhere has believed in them enough to invest in them to reach their potential. 

Jay, NGO worker and 50 Women Project supporter says: 

“The idea of women supporting women benefits all women and also demonstrates what a powerful force women can be when we act together to empower and support each other. When you empower a woman and show her she has value, you can transform her life.“


3. Investment in women has greater positive impact for the community as a whole. 

Amy, social worker and supporter of the 50 Women Project thinks thats “it’s important to support other women because it’s on us. It’s our power, it’s our bodies, it’s our lives, it’s our purpose. I wanted to be part of this project because I see the power in the women in Cambodia. I see them changing the country. I see them changing the world.“


4. Women’s workforce is under-utilised in every country and small businesses can have large and positive ramification for the country. So you are not just supporting women entrepreneurs but also supporting Cambodia’s development. 

Sally, entrepreneur and 50 Women Project supporter:

“I support other women in business because I believe that women have an excellent balance of intelligence, thriftiness and compassion. I also believe that the women’s workforce is under-utilised in almost every country and that small businesses can have large and positive ramifications on the economy.“ 


5. Donations are Tax deductible. 

Russel Boyd, Owner of Nathan Contractors and supporter of the 50 Women Project explains “My company is sponsoring 5 Cambodian women as part of the 50 Women Project, it’s great for my team to know that we are contributing to a great cause and tax deductible is always a bonus.”


So if you are looking for a cause to support, get involved and join the 50 Women Project here: https://sheinvestments.raisely.com/