Entrepreneur of the Month

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Our Entrepreneur of the Month: JUNE

Keang Sreypov, Owner of Hope for Women Tailor shop


Keang Sreypov owns and manages Hope for Women Tailor Shop, which she started to create employment for women with tailoring skills. Sreypov joined SHE’s Incubator Program in 2016 to develop her business management skills. SHE team interviewed Sreypov 12 months after she graduated from the Incubator program, to hear about her experience during and after the program.


Why did you decide to join SHE’s Incubator Program?

I wanted to develop my skills and gain knowledge about business management to expand my business.


What are some of the changes in your business since you graduated from SHE’s Incubator Program?

I have increased my business income by 50%, increased my staff from 4 to 8. I have developed good relationships with my customers and increased my customer base. Additionally, I am better at managing my finances and have developed my marketing skills.

Sreypov and some members of her team at the Hope for Women tailor shop

Sreypov and some members of her team at the Hope for Women tailor shop

Tell us about a challenge that you faced and how you overcame that challenge?

I had difficulty delegating tasks to my staff and would often not follow-up with them. The lack of follow-ups decreased staff productivity and impacted my sales and overall income. It also strained my relationships with my customers, as the products would not be completed on time. During SHE’s Incubator program, I received mentorship and advice from the facilitators about staff management and leadership. I utilized everything I learned at SHE to better manage my staff and build better relationships with them. Consequently, my staff productivity increased, I gained new customers, and my business is now more visible and has gained recognition in the community.


What would be your advice to women who want to start their own businesses?

Find what you are passionate about, commit to it and work hard to achieve your goals.


In three words, what did SHE’s Incubator Program bring you?

Happiness, friendship & confidence.

In one sentence, how did the program change your life or business?

I am more open-minded now, more creative and feel confident about sharing my ideas with my staff and other people.


Would you recommend SHE’s program to others?


Thank you Sreypov for sharing your story with us today. We are proud to support women like you to scale their business and create a positive impact in their community.