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Three essential reasons for how coaching will improve your business!

There is no doubt that professional coaching can be useful towards reaching professional and personal goals. Late April, in 2018, the SHE Investments team welcomed professional coaches from Australia and New Zealand for the SHE Coaches Tour. It was a very insightful week for our participants, who received coaching on their businesses through field visits, workshops and one on one sessions.  These sessions proved to be extremely beneficial and provided a wealth of information and actionable takeaways for SHE participants to not only improve their business operations but set realistic goals in their daily lives. From our positive experience with coaching, we wanted to share with you our top three reasons why we would recommend coaching for you and your business.

Coaching Success

1.  Coaching provides a safe space to speak on the various elements of our lives and businesses that can be challenging

Coaching is a non-judgement process that aims to empower coachees to discuss challenging topics experienced in our daily life/business.  Creating a safe and trusting space is crucial for this type of conversation to occur. Developing trust enables coaches and coachees to open up about our current situations and feelings and to start recognising how it is impacting our life. Speaking about our concerns or questions we may have about running our organisation starts the process to move forward by finding solutions to address these challenges.  

2. Coaching enables people to think about their issues from a new perspective

Have you ever found that your thoughts were clouded by your perspective on a situation? Coaching can allow you to see your problem or challenge from another viewpoint and therefore discover the reality of the situation. It is once this new perspective is determined, you will then be able to implement actionable strategies that are relevant to the outcomes that you would like to achieve.   

3. Coaching leaves us with actionable tasks that we can apply immediately

Finally, a productive coaching session will leave you with actionable steps to take forward into your work and life. An important aspect of this stage is to make sure you take time to develop strategies to help you achieve the desired outcome. More often this is an ongoing process determining whether your strategies being implemented are effective or if not, reassessing what may need to do to achieve your goals. A way to do this could be to create a behavioural action plan or maintain a journal to use as a reflection tool. Both these can be helpful in keeping you accountable during the process.  


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