preparing for Finance

Financial Pathways Toolkit

1. Bookkeeping

Tracking your finances through good book keeping is a very important part of getting yourself ready to access finance.

Understand your margins and how to price your products to know if you need to change anything.

2. Business Financial Tracking →

Track your income and expenses every day to stay on top of your business finances.

3. Tools For Cash Flow →

Learn Online

Learn what cash flow is and why it’s so important for your business.

Budgeting Tools 

Create a business budget to understand how much money you need for different expenses.

Tools For Business Planning

Business planning involves collecting ideas in a formal business plan that outlines a summary of the business’s current state, as well as the state of the market, along with detailed steps to improve performance in the coming period. 

It is important to separate your personal finance from your business finance, so you can fully understand where your business money is coming in, and going out.

Personal Finance

7. Registering Your Business

Deciding to Register

Before deciding to register your business, be clear about why you want or need to register, and be sure that you can manage a registered business effectively.

How to Register

Before registering, make sure you are ready and able to manage a formally registered business first.

  • Can you afford to hire an accountant and tax agent to prepare and submit your monthly tax return, and your annual tax?
  • Do you understand the requirements of registration, and what it means to pay tax?
  • Is your revenue over USD 5,000 per month?

  • Can you afford the registration cost?
  • Are you clear about who the business owners will be? Only you, or will you also have legal business partners?
  • Do you have strong financial controls in place?

Registering your business is a big decision. First decide if you are ready for business registration and formal business management, before taking this step.

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