Cashflow Forecasting – Spreadsheet

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We have developed a simple cashflow forecast spreadsheet to help you plan your cashflow during COVID-19. It is simple to use, just fill in the dark green cells and the spreadsheet will do the rest.

1.     Enter today’s date

2.    Enter how much cash you currently have (this is all your business cash, include physical cash, bank account balances, everything)

Date Cashflow forecast.png

3.     Next to expected Sales enter in how much money you expect to receive from sales for each week

Expected Sales Cashflow forecast.png

4.     Enter your expected expenses in each row for each week

Expected Outlfows Cashflow forecast.png

5.     Final Step! Review your cashflow

a.     The first line underneath the table shows how much money leaves your business each week (total expenses)

b.     The second line shows the net cashflows for each week (Money In – Money out = net cashflows). Note: if its in a bracket, it’s a negative

c.     The last line shows how much cash you have based on your forecasted numbers. If its red, this means you have negative cash, if its green its positive

Expected Outlfows Cashflow forecast copy.png

If you your total cash is negative (red) or close to zero, this means you need to adjust something. The second tab helps you forecast this


The second tab is the same as the first tab, however it has a few extra lines.

1.     Expected Cost Reduction

a.      In line 21 you will see Rent with a percentage next to it, this is to help you plan for expected rent reductions that you have negotiated with your landlord. Here you can put anywhere from 1% to 100% and it will automatically calculate the discount

b.     The next line is for salaries, and how much you expect to reduce salaries by asking people to go to part-time or reduced hours

Cost reductions .png

2.     Underneath the table you will see the expected savings that shows how much for each reduction in rent or salaries you can expect to save.

Total Savings.png