Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to use and build your skills in project coordination? 

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses to grow and become ready for investment? 

If this sounds like you, then you might be our newest team member! We are currently looking for an awesome person like you to: 

  • Support our recruitment and selection process for women-owned businesses to join our project 
  • Conduct surveys and interviews to collect baseline data of cohort participants 
  • Work with the Project Manager to conduct needs assessments 
  • Organise facilitators, mentors and guest speakers for workshop delivery and training 
  • Communicate with participants to ensure they are engaged during and in between workshops  
  • Contribute to and write program narrative reports 

To apply, send your Cover Letter and CV to by the 28th of February. 

For more information, see the detailed JD below.  

Salary: $450-550 (before tax) 

Location: Phnom Penh 


  • 20 Days Annual Leave  
  • 6 Days Sick Leave  
  • 4 Days Personal Leave  
  • $5 Phone Allowance per month  
  • NSSF & Accident Insurance with Infinity  
  • $100 Medical Allowance per year (for you or your close family members)  
  • $150 Training Allowance per year  
  • An awesome team 😊 

We cannot wait to read your application! 

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