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SHE Investments has a diverse project portfolio focused on creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses. The Project Manager will be responsible for the effective planning, delivery, management, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure that we are making a big impact. 

Salary: $725-900 (before tax) 
Location: Phnom Penh 


Project Management: 

  • Contribute to strategic decision-making and design of the projects, including engagement with key stakeholders, to ensure delivery is focused on quality and is tailored to the needs of our clients and the expectations of donors.  
  • Communicate within and across teams with senior facilitators, program managers, and other relevant departments to ensure strong implementation across all stages of the project cycle. 
  • Ensure the team is mentored and supported in their roles. 
  • Support the MEL team with data collection, and analysis based on the indicators of each project to ensure a high level of impact is being created. This also includes monitoring the progress of all components of the program to ensure that the overall goals, schedule, and benefits of the program will be met.   
  • Write high-quality milestone reports, and project & evaluation reports. 
  • Effective management of project budgets, and monthly, quarterly, and end-of-program financial reporting for the projects. 

SHE Representation, and Policy Compliance

  • The Program Manager will also be expected to involve themselves in team activities and major events, assisting as a supporting team member where necessary, being an active member of the organization, and upholding a positive team culture within the workplace.   
  • Implement all necessary policies and procedures to ensure that correct procedure are followed by staff under their supervision.  
  • Ensure strong representation of SHE to local stakeholders including government, donors, and businesses.  
  • Be able to represent SHE at conferences and events and speak about SHE’s work. 
Key Performance Indicators:  
  • Ensure quality reports are produced (milestone report, contract management, financial management, final report, and evaluation report)  
  • Build strong relationships and clear communication with partners (both internal and external)  
  • Effective team management (satisfactory feedback on support received from a supervisor during peer-review, high quality of teamwork, and they are on top of the project and KPIs) 


  • 18 Days Annual Leave  
  • 6 Days Sick Leave  
  • 4 Days Personal Leave  
  • $5 Phone Allowance per month  
  • NSSF & Accident Insurance with Infinity  
  • $100 Medical Allowance per year (for you or your close family members)  
  • $150 Training Allowance per year  
  • An awesome team 😊 

How to apply:

For Interested Candidates, please send your CV and Cover Letter to admin@sheinvestments by October 08, 2022.


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