Are you looking for a job where you can use your creativity and strategic communication skills? 

Do you enjoy using social media to effectively brand and market an organisation to reach new people? 

If so, we have an amazing opportunity for you! 

Join our Communications Team in a new and exciting role:

  • Develop a communications and marketing strategy to grow our brand outside of Phnom Penh (creating content and identifying potential stakeholders) 
  • make our events even bigger and better
  • Work with the Digital Content Officer and Digital Product Coordinator to ensure brand consistency and product integration 
  • Ensure our impact is communicated with key audiences 
  • Maintain the website’s quality and accessibility 
  • Work on creative designs for different projects and campaigns 
  • Identify different audiences and transform content accordingly 
  • Establish relationships with local and regional press 
  • Provide technical support on video production (in-house and outsourcing) 

To apply, send your Cover Letter and CV to by the 28th of February. 

Salary: $450-550 (before tax) 

Location: Phnom Penh 


  • 20 Days Annual Leave  
  • 6 Days Sick Leave  
  • 4 Days Personal Leave  
  • $5 Phone Allowance per month  
  • NSSF & Accident Insurance with Infinity  
  • $100 Medical Allowance per year (for you or your close family members)  
  • $150 Training Allowance per year  
  • An awesome team 😊 

Find out more here.

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