What difference between a Business manager and Business Suite

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business manager vs business suite

business manager vs business suite

On September 17, 2020, Facebook officially announced its new template, the Facebook Business Suite, which most people use today.

The Facebook Business Suite has improved functionality and is where users can manage both Facebook and Instagram in one place. And the special thing about Facebook Business Suite is that it is available on both PC and mobile apps, which means you can control your account from your smartphone everywhere and anytime.

We have introduced and talked a lot about this new product of Facebook, now we come back to our topic about Business Manager and Facebook Business Suite.

You probably already know about Business Managers, right? Especially those who have many Facebook Pages, but if you do not know, don’t worry, because you will know it in a little while.

Business Manager

Business Manager

Business Manager

Business Manager

Business Manager

Business Manager Like the leader of an institution that has the authority to manage all assets has the right to decide matters, including the allocation of finances.

What ??? This is a moral lesson for citizens, right? >> I’m not good at this lesson, but it is just a comparison for you to understand.

Business Manager is where you can manage Ad accounts, Facebook pages, and people you work with (allow anyone to use an Ads account or manage a Page).

The main functions are focusing on managing everything you have on Facebook (Manage Assets) and easy to work with teams or partners on your Facebook page.

business manager

business manager

Do you really need a Business Manager?

Sometimes you may not need it, but more importantly, Business Manager is FREE, why not grab it! There is nothing to lose.

Who needs it? For:

  • Anyone with more than one team working or managing a Facebook page

  • People who have many pages or many Ad accounts

  • Facebook Page owner who hires a third party to manage the page

  • You want to manage the information on your page strictly.

  • You want Facebook Page to be more secure

  • You can download reports easily and manage Insights easily first.

Business Suite

Business Suite

If you have used Facebook Business Suite, we can easily tell that it is designed to replace the multi-functional Business Manager and can manage both Facebook and Instagram in one place.

In early 2021, Facebook developed the Facebook Business Suite to be more able to manage things and people you work with within one place. And those who used to use Business Manager were automatically switched to Business Suite by Facebook. Apparently, we may have to say goodbye to the Business Manager.

In Facebook Business Suite you can:

  • Take a quick review of your business

  • View activities on Page and Instagram in one place

  • Use Inbox

  • Create Post

  • Insights

  • More Tools Like Business Manager

business suite

business suite



Although Business Suite may replace Business Manager forever, now that in early 2021 Facebook has not removed Business Manager yet, you can still switch to Business Manager if you think you do not want to use Business Suite.

How to switch from Business Suite to Business Manager

>> Business Suite

>> Give Feedback

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>> Switch to Business Manager

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>> Switch