Using STAR blueprint for Business-T for Traffic

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After the S (Sale) process that we learned in the previous lesson, bringing customers to the business (Traffic) is the next point you need to consider. Traffic, the second term in the STAR strategy you are reading, refers to bringing customers or people to their business locations, such as store locations, websites, Facebook pages, and other social media.

However, we would like to remind you again that this traffic is not the first step you should focus on. Remember the first step you need to focus on? The answer is S from the word Sale, if you do not have something specific to offer to customers or you can not get visitors to do any of the activities you want, you should check and solve this First.


T (Traffic)

To optimize the sales process T from the word Traffic is introduced after S (Sales Process) . In this step, we focus on how to bring more customers to our business. .

There are three main ways you should keep in mind to bring customers to your business or in this T (Traffic) lesson:

  1. Google My Business

Have you registered your business on Google yet? But why is it necessary?

Business registration on Google is very important because it helps your customers to easily find your location and you can tell your business history and business information. What is special is that Google My Business is a free online tool that does not cost money.

* How to register in Google My Business will come out soon. Stay tuned!

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ve probably heard the term SEO, right? What is it?

If your business does not have a website, you can skip this one. SEO We use for businesses that have a website. It’s a keyword that people are trying to find to put on a website to improve search efficiency, or it means that they are trying to find a word that many people use to search on the Internet, the more chances that people see their website.


3. Facebook Page


When it comes to Facebook, it is the most traffic-intensive place in Cambodia today. Almost all businesses use Facebook Page to attract customers to their business, such as using Facebook to get people to a store or website, and to increase traffic, they use Boosted Post to get the target audiences to their business.

Watch the video and read “ How to create a Boosted Post on Facebook Page” blog to know more how to Boost