Using a STAR blueprint for a business_ S for Sale

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Using the STAR blueprint for Business

1. What is a STAR ?



  • STAR comes from the terms  Sales, Amplification, and Reputation, and Sales is the first step a business owner must consider.

Sale is what business owners need most. They need customers, they need someone to come and buy them.

  • The STAR blueprint is a great approach for business because it focuses on optimizing the sales process.

And one of the reasons most business owners do not get good results is because they focus on increasing traffic rather than sales.


  • A sale refers to something that you offer to a group of people and make them become your customers. Basically, when you have something that can turn people into your customers, that means you have made a sale.

*** Please also note that the terms customer and sales can have different meanings depending on the organizations.


For example, the word “sale” can be an activity that you want many people to do, such as registering an email, Like a Facebook page, visiting a website, registering as a volunteer, donating and buying something.

The word “sale” does not always mean the sale of products.

What about your organization, what are your sales?

2. Business owners need to focus on the sales process to make it work first

Example: If you have a flower shop, you need to make sure that you have a good shop, there is a reception area, there are many kinds of flowers that are the choice of customers, there is a receptionist and contact number later, this is the sales process. Think before you advertise to bring customers to the store.

What about the website and Facebook page, what is the sales process?

website that leads

website that leads

  • Before you boost to get more visitors or viewers, did you know that your website and Facebook page make a sale?

For Facebook Page, go to “Facebook Page that makes sales “ to know what features Facebook Page needs to have to be a standard page.

According to the website, please check:

  • Do you have the processing that makes viewers or visitors easier ?

  • Do you have an auto response message or follow-up message that fits your business?


In short, has your website turned visitors into your customers? How easy is it?

Stay tuned for the next article where we will talk about T in STAR that T for Traffic.