The top 10 Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

1. Facebook Marketing

Nowadays, Facebook has given a lot of opportunities to small and medium enterprises to promote their products or services to customers, have you already used it for your business? 

Facebook is one of the best ways in Cambodia with 17 million users (2020) 

And you can market it in 6 easy steps: 

1. Create a great Facebook Page https://fb.watch/7ARNqv3ZbX/)

2. Get more Likes 

3. Define the type of message to post or the content to appear on the Page 

4. Develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy 

5. Start noticing and analyzing performance or results using Facebook Analytics 

6. Boosting 

2. Facebook Ads

Marketing on Facebook requires a lot of preparation and efforts, as learned in the first point (Facebook Marketing), but also remember that you need to spend some money to achieve goals quickly, because every day there are a lot of messages or contents popped up on Facebook, which has led to more competition, so spending money to boost is something we cannot avoid. And it helps your digital marketing to reach customers faster.

3. Google My Business

Does your store register on Google Maps? How will your customers find your location? 

Nowadays, there are many online sellers who sometimes do not need a store or a specific location, but we see that there are many businesses need to have store, and online business does not mean that you have to close the store, we are adding other ways to find customers and it is also one of the strengths of the business to build trust.  

Registering a business location on Google is something that shop owners must do because it provides convenience to customers who want to come to the store. 

4. SEO

SEO can be a little unfamiliar for small and medium business owners because they use it on a website, which means applying for a keyword and when people search for something related to that word, the name of our website or service will pop up. First of all, it has a lot of sales opportunities.

5. Canva

In digital marketing, creating or designing posters is very important. You can have many choices in choosing the software to create those graphics or images, and Canva is a tool that our team likes to use the most because it is easy and does not require any skills, which is suitable for those who are very busy. 

Watch how to use Canva Here 

Or read more about “The 3 Free Website Design Online ” 

6. Blog & Article

To make your digital marketing more effective, blogging or short articles are an option that you can try, for example, as you are reading now.

7. Slack

Slack is an app that helps you manage your time as well as our daily tasks effectively. Read more here

8. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to analyze websites based on results or hard work. If you do not have a website, you can skip it, but with a website you really need to know how to use it.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a place that allows users to post contents into multiple pages or channels at the same time, learn, plan, analyze and do more. It’s a great choice for digital marketers. This program can use the free plan $ 0 and paid plan ($ 5 per channel)

10. Facebook auto reply message
Last but not least, setting an auto-reply message on Facebook is a great way to save time and respond to customer quickly. You can watch the video on how to do it here