Protecting Your Page from getting Hacked

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments


  1. Enhance Page Security 

    • Create a strong password, try to find words that are difficult to guess, avoid entering phone numbers, dates of birth, names ,or words that are easy to remember. You should enter a password with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.


  • Go to settings in a personal account, change it to disable public search when you feel that your Page has been hacked.

  • Generate code with Authenticator or create a 2-Step Verification (when you do this, it notifies you by phone or email every time someone tries to enter your account or steal your account) 

  • Do not Confirm Friends or Add Friends if you don’t know them 

  • Do not tell anyone your password 

  • Do not leave a password anywhere. Ex: Notebook, Note in Phone or write on the sticker noted



2. Page 

  • Do not post out of your personal account into the Page (do not let anyone know who you are an admin) 

  • Visit your Page Role often to check if someone strange holds your page admin

  • Do not add strangers or trust people as Admin Page 

  • If a website or email asks for a password, please don’t reply, and leave it immediately. 

  • Do not click on the links that unsecured for example: click to visit, download, click on the game link ,or other links that are not trusted. 



  • Add more than one Page Admin to prevent your account from being damaged and the other to continue working. But if you have only one page admin, when your personal account is corrupted, you will lose your Facebook page too.

  • Hide your page from some countries where you know there are a lot of hackers

3. Do Not connect with other social networks with your Facebook like Twitter, ……. 


4. Change your password frequently 


5. If you suspect that your Page is being hacked, immediately unpublish your page.