Personal Care During COVID-19

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Have you been feeling stressed or anxious lately? You are not alone, COVID-19 is a stressful time for almost everybody. Personal care is now more important than ever due to the extreme stress of COVID-19, this does not only mean eating healthy and exercising but looking after your mental heath and wellbeing.


Below we have some tips to help you care for yourself during COVID-19.


This may seem strange, but an important aspect of mental health is to build a relationship with yourself. What does that mean? This means to spend time to really understand who you are, what you need and understand how you are feeling. Many people rush through life from task to task, looking after their family and friends without spending any time checking in to see how they are feeling. Spend some time relaxing, reading a book, listening to music, it is important that you make time for yourself, you need to look after yourself first if you are going to care for anyone else.


Breathing is often taken for granted, but spending some time, focusing on your breathing is a great exercise to help you become present. This means, not thinking about the past or the future but being focused purely in the moment. This is called mindful breathing.

See below for apps and tools that can assist you with Mindful breathing.

Digital Tools

Here are some of our favourite free digital tools that can help you improve your mental health

1.     Smiling Mind

This is an incredible free app that helps guide you through Mindfulness meditation, it has a number of different programs and is a great way to get started into mindfulness. Unfortunately, it is only in English at this stage

2.     Health (iPhone) or Step Counter (Android)

Both these apps will count your daily steps for you, aiming to get 10,000 steps everyday is a great way to ensure you are getting enough activity to keep you feeling energized.

3.     Youtube Channels

Natural Sounds

Listening to Natural Sounds on youtube is very relaxing and can help aid your sleep. Here’s one of our favourite channels

Lo Kru Kou Sopheap

Gaining popularity in Cambodia, Lo Kru Kou Sopheap’s channel has great advice on how to manage your mental health, stress and anxiety.

Lo Kru San Sochea

Another great channel, Lo Kru San Sochea provides advice on how to incorporate Buddhist teachings and methods to improve your mental health and acknowledge your emotions.

For more information, watch our Facebook live with Ms. Chim Sophak below