Online tool that helps to manage your finance-bookkeeping app

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KOTRA Riel is the first bookkeeping app designed specifically for Cambodian micro entrepreneurs and is available to use in both Khmer and English. It’s simple design makes it easy to record sales and expenses on the go while you are working in your business. The app works both on and offline so no need to worry if you run out of data or don’t have an internet connection.  

The daily reconciliation feature gives you confidence that your records are correct, this is a very important feature if you want to apply for a business loan.  

KOTRA Riel reporting functionality helps you easily track and monitor your business profit and understand where you are spending your money. You can easily export your reports and business transactions if you wish to apply for a loan.  

The optional pin security feature allows you to set a pin code to stop people accessing your business reports.   

KOTRA Riel can help you to understand your business finances, take control and grow your business. No Prior accounting knowledge needed, maintain accurate accounts with ease.  


App Features  

  • Easily record income & expense  

  • Track profit with automatic calculation of profit/loss  

  • Daily reconciliation of money  

  • Easy to edit transactions  

  • View report summary of each month  

  • Export your reports & transactions  

  • Manage supplier & customers  

  • Forecast inventory needs  

  • No Internet connection require: Works offline & online  

  • Pin security feature 


The app is based on basic accounting principle to ensure balance books and accurate reports. Just enter all your sales and expenses and let KOTRA Riel generate the report for you. For more information, please go to our Facebook page here.