Introduction to Marketing 

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Marketing is by far the most requested topic we get asked about at the Digital Resource Center. All business owners know how important marketing is to their business and want to learn how to be more effective in their marketing. However, most business owners think marketing is just promoting on the Facebook, but it is much more than that. Below we outline the very basic of marketing principles for you to think about.  

Target Market_Audience 

The number one factor in marketing is choosing your target market, as a business owner you need to be clear on your target market. This doesn’t just mean their age and sex, it means their interests, their beliefs, where do they spend their time? Once you know your target market then you can begin to decide:

  • How will you communicate with them? What kind of tone will your messaging be? 

  • Where will you communicate with them? Facebook, WhatsApp, advertising?  

A great exercise to do is to create a persona for your target market, keep an eye out for our article on how to do this coming soon.  


Does your product fit your target market? Does the packaging and quality of the product represent your brand to the customer effectively? These are all aspect of marketing. How can you communicate your brand message to the customer?  



  • Does your price match the product and target market? If your target market wants good quality, lasting products, but you price your product too cheap it may represent the quality of the product to the customer. They may see the price and believe it’s of cheap quality, even though its not. Make sure your price represents your message to the customer.



How will you distribute your products? Online, a physical shop? How does your target market want access your products? Do they need to see and feel the product before they buy? 


Lastly is promotion, which nowadays a big part of promotion is digital marketing. How can you reach your customers effectively and efficiently. Digital Marketing is very big topic, to find out more, watch our Facebook live video with Marketing expert Angkiaroth Srieng here