How to create a strong Password 

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Nowadays, there are many cases of hacking Facebook accounts, which requires Facebook users to know the tips to secure their accounts. When it comes to passwords, there are many people who have a headache and are tired of this problem because if it is too short or too simple, it is not safe, but if you make it difficult, it is very secure, but we will forget.  

Build a Better Password 

1. The password must be at least 8 characters long, and Facebook recommends 12 characters for added security. 

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2. Passwords must contain numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters together.  

3. Avoid writing a single word, for example: Love, Family, dog, … which makes it easy for hackers to guess, or we can say in other words that use passphrases, not passwords.

How to create better passphrases that are not easy to steal or forget? 

People usually forget a lot, so you all like to put a password that is easy, short and easy to remember, if you put it too long, you will forget, but it is too easy to hack. What to do? 

Let Work Smart, not work hard with the Digital Resource Center through the short steps below to get a “password” that no one knows but you. 

Work Smart, Not Work hard 

Step 1 – Use words that are related to each other 

Using related words helps you to remember well and not easily forget. Example: Sokha Neary mysibling, which is the name of a family member in the order from brother to sister. Easy to remember, and no need to remember difficult words. 

Step 2 – Make Phrases or words that are unique .  

It can represent any event or activity that is unforgettable and means the most to you. For example: HomeDesignConstruct20201201, which talks about building your home. 

Step 3 – Imagine the phrase in your head 

Step 4 – Start mixing letters, numbers, or symbols to form a meaningful phrase. Example: P0$$wordS@ve. In this example, if it is normally written it is PasswordSave, but with some letters and numbers or symbols only one person will be able to understand it.  


4. Check when you enter the password that Facebook confirms that it is Strong because Facebook will automatically notify you when you enter the password that it is Weak, Medium, or Strong . 

5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication 


No matter how strong and secure your password is, it is important to remember that all passwords are used on the internet, meaning that they are stored somewhere. And if it is stored somewhere, there is still a chance of stealing, especially in this day and GPU has a strong ability and is affordable, thus Turn-on two-factor authentication is necessary. Two-factor authentication notifies you when someone tries to login your account. Follow the steps below to turn-on Two Factor-Authentication: 

How to turn-on Two-Factor Authentication 

>> Setting >> Security and Login >> Use Two-factor Authentication >> Edit >> Turn On



How to change Password

>> Setting >> Security and Login >> Change Password