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Nowadays, Facebook is an important platform to promote products or services to customers.

Many questions have been asked about it, including how to do marketing on Facebook is the most popular question and the answer is also answered by many experts or Facebook users. 

Now let’s forget how to market on Facebook for a moment and think of a small gap that business owners often overlook. One of the points is, has your Facebook page been set up effectively or properly before doing advertising or posting? It’s like a store where you have to build, decorate, and put on a product before you want people to buy it. And here are the points you need to check to see if your Facebook Page  is complete.

1. Name & Logo

The name & logo must represent your business and it must be clean and can tell customers exactly what you are selling because when you boot or advertise, the first thing they see is the name & logo.

2. Cover

An image or video that represents your business or information that you want your customers to see first, you have to make sure that the cover, name & logo are compatible.

How to put a cover or change the cover

>> Click Edit on the top and insert the image


3. Username


Does your Page already have a Username? This is important because it makes it easier for customers to find your business name on Facebook. You need to make sure your Page already has a username. Here are its advantages:

  • Easy to find customers on Facebook

  • You’re registered with Facebook, so no one can have a name like yours.

  • Get a link that is short, easy to remember and easy to use in other places

    How to enter Username:

On the left hand side of the pack, click Edit Page Info >> You will see a popup as shown below, then click on Username and write your page’s name. 


4. Page Information

 Try to fill in your business information accurately and adequately, such as Description, working hours, product or service names.

How to enter Page Information:

Click About or Edit Page Info >> Click on the blue pencil and write information from your page.


5. Contact Information

This is a point that most page owners often skip, so make sure you enter the correct address and contact number, phone number, email address (if any) and website.

How to enter Contact Information:

Look under the logo and page’s name, look for the word About >> Edit page Info >> Contact and fill in the phone number, website, email.



6. Page’s Templates

There are many pages that choose Facebook page templates differently from their business type.

Check if the template you are using is compatible with your type of business.

Here is how to access the Template you are using: On the left hand side, click Settings >> Templates and Tabs

At the top you will see the type of template you are using.

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.49.11 am.png

How to change Facebook Page’s Template: 

Click on Edit in front of the template you are using and it will pop up the following screen. If you want to change, click on any template you want and click Apply Template

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.49.39 am.png

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.59.23 am.png

If you are not sure how to change this template, read more here
*** This is for computer users, if on the phone it may be a slightly different location, but it uses the same word.