How to Crosspost a Video on Multi-Facebook Pages

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

I. What is Crosspost on Facebook?

Crossposting is a method used to upload video across many pages.

II. Why use Crosspost?

We use Crosspost because:

  • It allows you to post a video on multiple pages at the same time.

  • Can reuse uploaded videos

  • It counts all viewers together, even if the video is on a different pages.

* Note: If you share a video from one page to another, Facebook will count different viewers according to each page.

So Crosspost helps you to control the total number of viewers, even if the video is on another page.

III. How to Crosspost a video on Multi-Facebook Pages 

1. On the Page Timeline click on “Photo/Video”

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 9.51.59 am.png

2. Then select the video you want to upload

3. Write the title of your video and any captions you would like, then click >> Next at the bottom right.

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 9.58.17 am.png

4. Then you will see a new tab below

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 9.58.59 am.png

Scroll down a bit and you will see the word >> Make available to other Pages, it will pop up the name of pages where you can Crosspost. Then select pages you want Crosspost that video


5. Finally click >> Publish

*** Note: You must be Page’s admin or editor to be able to crosspost from one page to another. If you are not the Admin or editor of another page, you must first create a relationship between those pages.