Some Apps to manage Facebook for Business

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Some Facebook apps for you to use to manage your Facebook for business!

១. Facebook App 

The most popular and most convenient app. Where you can view Contents, Share, Comments, post and can easily switch the account you have. In short, it is a place to check or view the content.

២. Facebook Business Suite

An app that focuses on managing Facebook Page, Instagram in one place. Here we can easily manage our Contents, view Insights, Facebook Pages, manage multiple pages in one place, respond to customers via Inbox. Speaking of which, there are so many functions that pages users cannot overlook!!!

៣. Messenger
An app that we cannot miss to communicate through messages and use from personal accounts.

៤. Facebook Adverts Manager 

An app that some pages owners overlook and not have many users because they may not be used to it. For Pages owners who use mobile phones for boosting or do advertising, you can download and play around, because this app focuses on managing and creating boosting or advertising.

៥. Creator Studio from Facebook 

The app that the page owner should have on their mobile phone used to manage contents. We can do four main things on it: manage Contents, view Insights, reply to customers and schedule post from mobile phone.