5 Psychological Promotion Strategy

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

There are many methods to do promotion and here are top 5 Psychological Promotion Strategy that you need to consider:

  1. Promotion in Short Time

This method is used by many companies and business owners!

To attract a lot of attention, they use a strategy to promote the product by selling discount in short time, for example: 50% off for those who come to the store from 9am to 12 pm or 30% off all only for 3 days, hurry up …!

Such a short period for discounted sales encourages buyers to buy faster than usual because they think the store is about to close for a promotion and prices will go up.

2. Special Promotion

This special discount method is mostly done for well-known products, this way the marketer or business owner does it by selling the same discount, but what is special at this point is that they discount on products that are rarely discounted or expensive. So, when there is promotion, buyers feel that they must hurry to buy it because they will get a good products at a special price ever.

3. Bundle or Extra

This method is very popular because it is easy, not difficult to think much. Using Bundle or extra any product or service to get more attention is great, and it has many different ways depending on the product or service.

Some products could offer as a gift that combines with other products, some also offer with the same product (buy 2 get 1 free) and so on.

4. Pricing Apparent: Psychological pricing

If you have read the previous article “Psychological pricing” you will know that this method cannot be overlooked. The method is also called “promotion using the attractiveness of pricing”. Numbering using “psychological pricing” is an important part of motivating buyers to buy, even though the before and after discount sales price is not much different.

5. Season Promotion

This method is simple and highly effective, this seasonal promotion is discounted only on important occasions. For example, discounts during the New Year, mid-year or End Year.