3 Tips to Help You Avoid Headaches from Facebook Page

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

  1. Admin Account  

There are many business owners who are tired of their private Facebook accounts often have problems such as not being able to boost, violating company policies, all of which are caused by the actions of, such as sharing any inappropriate posts or clicking on unsafe links (playing the game, click on the link to guess the game, etc.). 


  •  Business owners should have one more Facebook Account  

  • This new account is only used to manage the Pages or admin of Pages. 

  • Do not take this new account to play or share or click on any link unknown source 

  • For this new account, you should fill in the information correctly and do not add too many or unknown friends. 

  • This new account should be created using a valid email in addition to using a phone number (it is more secure) 

  • Have a strong password (Read more about having a good password here )  

2. Facebook Policy

If you are using Facebook just for entertainment or news and NOT for business, you do not need to worry about the policies of Facebook, but if you use Facebook for business or Facebook Page, understanding about Facebook Policies or Community standards or other policies is very important. It helps you to avoid unintentional mistakes that could lead to your Facebook account being restricts or banned from advertising, which can be difficult. 

(Follow our Facebook Page to understand more about each of Facebook’s policies)

3. Account Information

Forgot your account information? If the password is too easy or short, it will be easier to hack, but if it is too strong or difficult, it will be forgetting! To set a better password that is safe and easy to remember, you can read the article in this link (in Khmer): « How to build a better Password »

Keep your Facebook account information accurate and up-to-date, as there are many Facebook users who set wrong or out-of-date information on their accounts, which can lead to many headaches. When you want to log in or take any action because you do not remember the account information.

Then you need to check your account to see if the phone number, email, and other information are correct? Go and see if the email address is the email address you are using now.