3 Free Online Design Tools 

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As a business owner, you must feel very busy and if there are some things that can save your time, you must not be overlooked. One more point, if you need to post a lot on your page or other social media platform you need to post pictures or high-quality articles that stand out and creative. But because you are very busy, it is important to find time saving tools which still provide you with uniqueness in your work.  

Online design is one part that helps to operate your work faster and save time at least for ten minutes in a day. Furthermore, it is one part of digital marketing that helps your business to stand out. If it provides you with many benefits, then it must be something that we must try, right?  

Below is website that you can use for design. 

1. Canva 

Type: Graphic Design  

Canva is a website that has many supports because it is easy to use. You don’t need to know how to code or know technology to understand. Canva provides you with photo sized profile and finished graphic design, you can simply download and edit it. On it, you can write in Khmer and insert pictures from outside. More than this, you can create teams in there as well, meaning you can distribute your design to your colleagues or your friends, in order for them to help you with your design. What makes Canva special is that it has an app for your mobile phones making it convenient for you to use it anywhere easily. This makes Canva very interesting and attractive right? Please visit Canva website for more information and testability purposes.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 1.17.07 pm.png

2. Flaticon 

 Type: Downloading icon 

Flaticon is a website that allows users to access and download icon pictures for free. If you want icon that is pretty and with many options for your design work, you can try Flaticon.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.35.01 am.png

3. Flexclip 

Type:  Video Graphic 

If you don’t want to post the same platform, Flexclip is a website that you should not miss out. It allows you to create video easily with little amount of time and with high quality. What makes Flexclip special is that it allows users to write in Khmer and free of charge. You can try making videos for posting by using this website. For more information, please visit website

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