Our graduates and their businesses

We’ve supported more than 60 businesses through our programs to date. You can meet some of them and learn more about their businesses below.

Energy, Environment & Agriculture

Name: Thida KheavBusiness Name: Solar Green Energy Co. Ltd.Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Thida Kheav

Business Name: Solar Green Energy Co. Ltd.

Program: Accelerator Program


Name: Mean SreymaoBusiness Name: Farm DirectProgram : Incubator Program

Name: Mean Sreymao

Business Name: Farm Direct

Program : Incubator Program

Name: Mao SothearyBusiness Name: Farm DirectProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Mao Sotheary

Business Name: Farm Direct

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Than KaronaBusiness Name: Diaper Cloth CambodiaProgram: Incubator Program 

Name: Than Karona

Business Name: Diaper Cloth Cambodia

Program: Incubator Program 

Name: Sor ThavryBusiness Name: Pig FarmProgram : Incubator Program 

Name: Sor Thavry

Business Name: Pig Farm

Program : Incubator Program


Name: Da Linna Business Name: Panda FarmProgram: Incubator Program  

Name: Da Linna 

Business Name: Panda Farm

Program: Incubator Program



Name: Dalen KongBusiness Name: Eco-NatureProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Dalen Kong

Business Name: Eco-Nature

Program: Incubator Program


Handicrafts & Jewellery

Name: Peang SokhaBusiness Name: Watthan Artisans CambodiaProgram : Accelerator Program

Name: Peang Sokha

Business Name: Watthan Artisans Cambodia

Program : Accelerator Program

Name: Tex SimheangBusiness name: TSH Preikabas HandicraftsProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Tex Simheang

Business name: TSH Preikabas Handicrafts

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Yun SopheaBusiness Name: Cambodia Bracelets from Yarn MaterialsProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Yun Sophea

Business Name: Cambodia Bracelets from Yarn Materials

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Nhean ChanveasnaBusiness Name: Happy SilkProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Nhean Chanveasna

Business Name: Happy Silk

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Chen Sothea Business Name: Keiy Tambanh KhmerProgram: Incubator Program  

Name: Chen Sothea 

Business Name: Keiy Tambanh Khmer

Program: Incubator Program  

Name: Hor SounsrosBusinesss Name: Rokhak Women HandicraftProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Hor Sounsros

Businesss Name: Rokhak Women Handicraft

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Sophamay TaingBusiness Name: SM JewelryProgram: Accelerator Program 

Name: Sophamay Taing

Business Name: SM Jewelry

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Theavy KongBusiness Name: Smile for HopeProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Theavy Kong

Business Name: Smile for Hope

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Kang SamnangBusiness Name: Khmer Creations Program: Incubator Program

Name: Kang Samnang

Business Name: Khmer Creations 

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Khath VannaBusiness Name: Vanna Art & JeweryProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Khath Vanna

Business Name: Vanna Art & Jewery

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Vong SavenBusiness Name: Women RecyclingProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Vong Saven

Business Name: Women Recycling

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Huon PhallyBusiness Name: KhmerCorpProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Huon Phally

Business Name: KhmerCorp

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Hang Srey PayBusiness Name: Sen Sok Women CommunityProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Hang Srey Pay

Business Name: Sen Sok Women Community

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Minh VannBusiness Name: Buddhist Ceremony ProductsProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Minh Vann

Business Name: Buddhist Ceremony Products

Program: Incubator Program


Garment Sector

Name: Kong SotheanyBusiness Name: Theany TailorProgram: Accelerator Program 

Name: Kong Sotheany

Business Name: Theany Tailor

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Keang SreypovBusiness Name: Hope for Women Tailor ShopProgram: Incubator & Accelerator Program

Name: Keang Sreypov

Business Name: Hope for Women Tailor Shop

Program: Incubator & Accelerator Program



Name: Sok Kimleng Business Name: Heng Ta Co., LtdProgram: Accelerator Program 

Name: Sok Kimleng 

Business Name: Heng Ta Co., Ltd

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Brak LimheangBusiness Name: Rice Seller / Laundry ShopProgram : Incubator Program

Name: Brak Limheang

Business Name: Rice Seller / Laundry Shop

Program : Incubator Program


Food & Beverage 

Name: Khuon MenglyBusiness Name: Cyclo CafeProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Khuon Mengly

Business Name: Cyclo Cafe

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Kien BophaBusiness Name: Bopha Khmer DessertProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Kien Bopha

Business Name: Bopha Khmer Dessert

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Say LynaBusiness Name: Legend Coffee Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Say Lyna

Business Name: Legend Coffee

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Sam PhallaBusiness Name: Moon CoffeeProgram: Accelerator Program 

Name: Sam Phalla

Business Name: Moon Coffee

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Dom Pisey Business Name: Chicken ShopProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Dom Pisey 

Business Name: Chicken Shop

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Loeurm SothearyBusiness Name: Soy MilkProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Loeurm Sotheary

Business Name: Soy Milk

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Has Saren Business Name: Serey Cafe and BakeryProgram: Incubator Program 

Name: Has Saren 

Business Name: Serey Cafe and Bakery

Program: Incubator Program 

Name: Tan SreypouvBusiness Nam: Agape CafeProgram: Incubator Program 

Name: Tan Sreypouv

Business Nam: Agape Cafe

Program: Incubator Program 


Name: So DanyBusiness Name: Global EG PrintingProgram: Accelerator Program 

Name: So Dany

Business Name: Global EG Printing

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Virak BonnarathBusiness Name: Lady Saving Group Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Virak Bonnarath

Business Name: Lady Saving Group

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Ker SereyBusiness Name: Kmer Associate Consulting Co. Ltd.Program: Incubator Program

Name: Ker Serey

Business Name: Kmer Associate Consulting Co. Ltd.

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Soung SovathanaBusiness Name: E HouseProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Soung Sovathana

Business Name: E House

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Sok SoapheaBusiness Name: SP Air conditioningProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Sok Soaphea

Business Name: SP Air conditioning

Program: Accelerator Program



Name: Sok HeangBusiness Name: MSK TravelProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Sok Heang

Business Name: MSK Travel

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Voeung Chan DeliceBusiness name: Asia Exotic ToursProgram: Incubator & Accelerator Program

Name: Voeung Chan Delice

Business name: Asia Exotic Tours

Program: Incubator & Accelerator Program

Name: Hem LenBusiness Name: Tasty tours CambodiaProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Hem Len

Business Name: Tasty tours Cambodia

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Kanha SamBusiness Name: Soksabike tourProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Kanha Sam

Business Name: Soksabike tour

Program: Accelerator Program

Education & Training

Name: Lim MoulyraksmeyBusiness Name: Sunshine Learning Center Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Lim Moulyraksmey

Business Name: Sunshine Learning Center

Program: Accelerator Program 

Name: Long Srey DiebBusiness Name: Book Bridge CenterProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Long Srey Dieb

Business Name: Book Bridge Center

Program: Incubator Program


Healthcare & Cosmetic

Name: Voeung Chan DeliceBusiness name: Asia Exotic TradingProgram: Incubator & Accelerator Program

Name: Voeung Chan Delice

Business name: Asia Exotic Trading

Program: Incubator & Accelerator Program

Name: Kao KaghnaBusiness Name: YKM TR Trading CompanyProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Kao Kaghna

Business Name: YKM TR Trading Company

Program: Accelerator Program

Name: Heng DinaBusiness Name: PharmacyProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Heng Dina

Business Name: Pharmacy

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Mam Chan RaskmeyBusiness Name: Our Health Phamacy Program: Incubator Program

Name: Mam Chan Raskmey

Business Name: Our Health Phamacy 

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Vorl RakdaBusiness Name: Nutrition and Herbal ShopProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Vorl Rakda

Business Name: Nutrition and Herbal Shop

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Yern Chantou Business Name: Tevada Coconut Oil Program: Incubator Program

Name: Yern Chantou 

Business Name: Tevada Coconut Oil

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Yin Lien Business Name: Solidarity Women Cooporative Svay Pak Program: Incubator Program

Name: Yin Lien 

Business Name: Solidarity Women Cooporative Svay Pak 

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Di VicharaBusiness Name: SHE BeautyProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Di Vichara

Business Name: SHE Beauty

Program: Incubator Program

Name: SoptiraBusiness Name: Hairdresser Program : Incubator Program 

Name: Soptira

Business Name: Hairdresser 

Program : Incubator Program



Entertainment, Art & Design

Name: Un DalyBusiness Name: Ambient StudioProgram: Incubator Program

Name: Un Daly

Business Name: Ambient Studio

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Sorn SokheangBusiness Name: The Expose Film Program: Incubator Program

Name: Sorn Sokheang

Business Name: The Expose Film

Program: Incubator Program

Name: Khon SreyneangBusiness Name: New Cambodian ArtistProgram: Accelerator Program

Name: Khon Sreyneang

Business Name: New Cambodian Artist

Program: Accelerator Program


Thriive Businesses 

Name: So DanyBusiness Name: Global EG Printing

Name: So Dany

Business Name: Global EG Printing

Name: Try Suphearac &Peang SokhaBusiness Name: Watthan Artisans Cambodia

Name: Try Suphearac &Peang Sokha

Business Name: Watthan Artisans Cambodia

Name: Heng Bun YBusiness Name: Khmer Eco Energy

Name: Heng Bun Y

Business Name: Khmer Eco Energy

Name: Huon Phally Business Name: Khmer Corporation Shoe

Name: Huon Phally 

Business Name: Khmer Corporation Shoe

Name: San Soktheth &Sun SovandyBusiness Name: Asian Happiness Laundry

Name: San Soktheth &Sun Sovandy

Business Name: Asian Happiness Laundry

Name: Nhean SamnangBusiness Name: Cucumber Farm

Name: Nhean Samnang

Business Name: Cucumber Farm